1000 One Word Substitution for Defence Exams

English Notes for Defence Exams

Candidates who are going to attend defence exams like NDA, Navy SSR, Navy AA and AFCAT, can check the 1000 one word substitution questions below. These words contain there meaning  and help you during your exams, questions may or may not be asked in the same manner but it will improve your vocabulary to solve other English questions. Candidates who are going to face upcoming NDA, Navy SSR, Navy AA, Air Force X & Y Group and AFCAT exam must read all these one word substitution questions for English section.

airforce x group practice set

Below are the one word substitution questions.A PDF file is attached so that it will be easy for you to open and read them whenever you are free.


1. Adonis – A handsome man
2. Amazon – A tall and strong woman
3. Virgo – A violent and bad tempered woman
4. Aquarium – A tank where fish or water plants are kept
5. Avaricious – One who is greedy for money
6. Autopsy/Postmortem – A medical examination of a dead body after death
7. Arsenal /Armory – A place where arms and weapons are stored
8. Aviary – A place where birds are kept
9. Apiary – A place where bees are kept
10. Archives – A place for keeping old documents, historical records etc
11. Amphibian – Animals that can live on land and in water
12. Alimony – Money allowance paid by a husband to his divorced wife.
13. Accomplice – A partner in crime
14. Amnesty – A general pardon granted by a government
15. Anarchy/Anarchist – Absence of government in a country
16. Aquatic – That can live fresh water only
17. Marine – That can live sea water only
18. Ambidextrous – A person who is able to use both hands with equal skill
19. Autocracy – A government by one person
20. Astronomy – Science of universe with sun ,moon , stars and planets
21. Astrology – The study of the stars and their influence on people’s live
22. Assassination – Killing or murder for political reasons
23. Anecdote – Short amusing story about some real person or event
24. Fable – An animal story with a moral .
25. Parable – A story is intended to teach a lesson
26. Atheist – A person who does not believe in god
27. Pagan – A person who does not believe in any religion
28. Amateur – A person who does something for pleasure rather than for pay
29. Altruist – One who lives and works for the welfare of others
30. Autobiography – The life history of a man written by himself
31. Antidote – A medicine to counteract the effect of a poison
32. Aversion – A feeling of dislike
33. Amoral – one not concerned with right or wrong
34. Addict – One who has become dependent on something or drugs
35. Ambiguous – Capable of being understood in either two or more possible senses and therefore not definite
36. Acrobat – One who walks on rope
37. Auditorium – A building where an audience sits
38. Ablution – Ritual washing of the body

39. Amnesia – Loss of memory
40. Assertive – One who expresses one’s opinion firmly but politely
41. Asylum – A place of refuge and safety
42. Assent – To agree to something
43. Aggressor – A person who attacks first
44. Agnosticism – The belief nothing can be known about god
45. Agnostic – One who doubts the existence of god
46. Ambivert – Both introvert and extrovert
47. Anthropologist- One who studies the complete history of mankind
48. Agenda – List of issues to be discussed at a meeting
49. Amulet – A small object worn by some person as a charm against bad things
50. Angler – A person who catches fishes with a rod and line
51. Awning/Canopy – A covering of canvas to shelter people or things from rain or sun
52. Amputation – To cut off an arm or leg etc
53. Artist – One who practice one of fine arts
54. Audience – An assembly of listeners
55. Armistice – An agreement stopping fighting in a war ,battle etc
56. Arbitration – Settlement of a dispute by the decision of a person chosen and as a judge or umpire
57. Annihilate – To destroy completely
58. Adolescence – In the stage between childhood and adulthood
59. Puberty – The time when a child’s body becomes sexually mature
60. Abode – A place of permanent residence
61. Altar – A raised place on which offering to a God are made
62. Affidavit – A written declaration made on oath in the presence of a magistrate
63. Artisan – Expert in any skill of hand
64. Archipelago – A sea with a small group of island
65. Apprentice – One who is learning a trade
66. Auditor – One who makes an official examination of accounts
67. Agony – Great pain or sufferings
68. Articulate – Fluent and clear in speech
69. Abdicate – To give up the throne or other office of dignity
70. Anonymous – A letter, poem etc whose author is unknown
71. Altitude – The height of an object above the sea level
72. Affinity – Excessive similarities or resemblance with anything or anyone
73. Attain – To get or obtain something
74. Acronym – A word composed of the first letters of the words in a phrase
75. Almanac – A calendar usually with information about the phases of the moon etc
76. Alma mater – A school, college or university which one has attended of form which one has graduated
77. Artillery – Soldiers on big guns mounted on wheels
78. Anatomy – Science of the physical structure of the body
79. Annuity – Fixed sum of money paid to somebody as income in his life time
80. Antique – Existing since old times
81. Accessible – Capable of being reached
82. Allegory – A story , play picture, etc in which each character or event is a
symbol representing an idea
83. Arsonist – A person guilty of setting fire to the property
84. Ameliorate – To make better, to improve or to a better place
85. Animate – Having life /objects possessed of life
86. Accelerate – To increase the speed of
87. Aphonia – Total loss of voice
88. Abrogate – To do away with a rule
89. Anomaly – Deviation from the common rule or standard
90. Attentuate – To make or fine or to reduce the strength
91. Anaemia – Lack of enough blood in body
92. Aborigines – The original inhabitants of a country
93. Architecture – Art and science of building construction
94. Apostate – One who abandons his religious faiths
95. Acquaintance – A person whom one knows slightly
96. Apparatus – A set of instruments put together for a purpose
97. Aerodrome – A place where aircraft are kept and from which they are fly
98. Astronaut – A person who travels in space
99. Abattoir – Place where animals are killed for food
100. Actuary – One who calculates premium
101. Bursar – A person who manages the financial /scholarship matters of a school, college or university
102. Abstruse – Hard to understand
103. Abbreviation – A shortened form of a word or phrase
104. Analgesia – The loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious
105. Abbot – The head of an abbey or a monastery
106. Accessory – Helper but not essential part
107. Anesthetic – Medicine which produces insensibility
108. Anteroom – A small room that is connected to a larger room and used as a place for people before going into the larger room
109. Accentuate -– Give more force or importance to

110. Amphitheatre – A circular building with rows of seats surrounding a central space , used as a theatre arena
111. Ambulatory – Able to walk free after recovery from illness
112. Ambivalent – Having mixed feelings
113. Arboreal – That can live on trees
114. Alumnus /Pupil – Someone who was a student at a particular school , college etc
115. Arable – A land fit for growing crops
116. Avant-garde – The group , especially in the arts , regarded as being the most experimental

117. Biopsy – The removal of tissue , cell from someone’s body in order to check for illness
118. Biography – A written account by someone of another person’s life
119. Burglar – A person who breaks into a house in order to steal.
120. Baton – A short, heavy stick, carried by a policeman as a weapon.
121. Baton – A short heavy stick, carried by a policeman as a weapon
122. Bureaucracy – A government by the officials
123. Biped – Animal with two feet
124. Quadruped – A four footed animal
125. Brewery – A place where wine is made
126. Brunette – A woman with dark brown hair
127. Bilingual – A person who speaks two languages
128. Bovine – Pertaining to cattle
129. Biology – The scientific study of living organisms
130. Bankrupt /Insolvent – A person unable to pay his debts
131. Bohemian – One who does not follow the usual rules of social life
132. Boulevard – A broad road bordered with trees
133. Avenue – A wide street, especially one with trees or tall building on each .side
134. Bigot – One who has obstinate and narrow religious views
135. Bourgeois – A member of the middle class
136. Bigamy – The custom of having two wives or two husbands
137. Bellicose – One who is ready to start argument of right
138. Belligerent – Nations engaged in war
139. Bottleneck – A situation that stops an activity from progressing
140. Brittle – A thing likely to be easily broken
141. Blasphemy – Words uttered impiously about God
142. Benevolence – Generosity and desire to do good
143. Bossy – One who always commands people
144. Beneficiary – One who gains benefit from something
145. Benefactor – A person who gives friendly help
146. Bald – A man having no hair on the scalp
147. Bliss – Perfect happiness
148. Biennial – That which happens once in two years
149. Boorish – Person who is rough and ill mannered
150. Brochure – A short booklet giving information about holidays mannered product
151. Buffoon – An actor in a theatrical performances whose business is to make people laugh through his actions or talk

152. Bully – A person who used his strength or power to frighten or hurt others
153. Ballad – A simple often sentimental song
154. Psalm/Hymn – A sacred song
155. Carol – A song of joy or praise
156. Ode – A poem written to a person or thing
157. Sonnet – A type of poem with fourteen line
158. Limerick – A type of poem with five lines
159. Serenade – Music sung or played at night below a person’s window or in open air
160. Booty – Things taken by robbers
161. Beverage – Any soft drink except water
162. Barracks – Building where soldiers live
163. Bibulous – Fond of alcoholic beverages
164. Borough – A small town within a town with its own governing council
165. Bridle/Rein/Halter – A part of horse’s harness that goes on to its head
166. Boutique – A small shop that sells fashionable clothes cosmetics
167. Benediction – Blessings given by a priest
168. Barren – Land that does not grow anything
169. Barbarian – A person who is uncivilized
170. Barometer – An instrument for measuring the pressure of atmosphere
171. Beautician – A person who runs a beauty parlour
172. Beef – The flesh of a bull, cow or ox
173. Venison – The flesh of deer, used as food
174. Mutton – The flesh of sheep used as food
175. Breakthrough – A sudden solution of a problem leading to future advances
. especially in sciences
176. Brigand – Member of a band of robbers
177. Blueprint – A detailed photographic plan of work to be carried out
178. Bookworm – A person who reads a lot
179. Bumpkin/Yokel – A clumsy or stupid country person

180. Catalogue – A list of books available in library
181. Cocktail – A drink usually made from a mixture of one or more alcoholic drinks
182. Cemetery/Graveyard- A place where dead bodies are buried
183. Crematorium – A place where dead bodies are burnt
184. Connoisseur – An expert judge of art , music , wine etc
185. Chauffeur – A person employed as a car driver for a rich or important person
186. Butler – A man who works in a very large house as a servant
187. Conundrum – A difficult problem
188. Cynic – A person who believes the worst about everyone
189. Camouflage – An outward semblance that misrepresent the true nature of something
190. Collier – A person who works in coalmine
191. Colloquial – Characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation
192. Canister – A metal container that is used for keeping a roll of film
193. Casket – A small case for holding jewiels
194. Caddy – A can for storing tea
195. Constellation – A named group of stars
196. Comet – A type of heavenly body which leaves a tail of light behind it as it move
197. Contingency – Something that might happen in the future
198. Chide – To scold or to rebuke somebody
199. Contagious – Spreading from one person to another by physical contact
200. Callous – Cruelly intensive or unsympathetic
201. Cosmopolitan – A sophisticated person who has travelled in many countries
202. Cryptogram – A secret message written in code
203. Carnage – The slaughter of great number of people
204. Citadel – A fortress in or near a city
205. Circumstantial – Clues available at a scene
206. Conventicle – A secret meeting for worship
207. Credulous – A person who readily believes others
208. Consternation – State of anxiety or dismay causing mental confusion
209. Confiscate – To seize or take away something as penalty
210. Coerce – To force a person into doing something
211. Compensation – Payment given for loss injury
212. Contraband – Goods which are legally forbidden to be brought into a country
213. Congregation – A group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church
214. Criterion – A reference point against which other things can be evaluated
215. Cellar – A room especially underground for stores of coal or wine
216. Attic – A room at top of house under the roof
217. Chasm – An extremely deep crack or opening in the ground
218. Cataclysm – A violent disaster or upheavel
219. Crusade – A campaign in support of good cause
220. Cull – An act of killing surplus animals
221. Carnival – A public entertainment
222. Colleague – A person with whom one is associated in a profession or occupation
223. Cavalry – The part of an army consisting of horse soldiers
224. Infantry – The part of an army consisting of foot soldiers
225. Artillery – The part of an army which looks after and fires large guns
226. Archer – A person who shoots with a bow and arrow

227. Corroborate – To confirm with the help of evidence
228. Complacent – Showing satisfaction with one’s own situation
229. Conscription – A person legally ordered by the state to serve in the armed forces
230. Census – An official counting of countries inhabitants
231. Circumlocution – A roundabout way of speaking
232. Catechism – A book of instructions by means of question and answer
233. Colt – A young horse
234. Conscience – Part of one’s mind which hold one’s knowledge or sense of right or wrong
235. Culprit – A person responsible for something wrong
236. Custom – A person is in the habit of doing regularly
237. Coffer/Treasure – A store of money, gold, jewels
238. Contemporary – Living at, happening at or belonging to the same period
239. Cynosure – A person or thing that have centre of attraction
240. Chauvinism – The belief that your country, race is better than any other
241. Coronation – The act or ceremony of crowning a king or queen
242. Concubine – A woman who lives with a man as his lover but not as his wife
243. Coquette – A seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
244. Adultery – Sexual intercourse between a husband and a women who is not his wife
245. Cereal – A kind of grain used as food
246. Cantonment – A military force
247. Conspirator – A person who conspires
248. Claque – A group of sycophants
249. Carrion – The flesh of dead animals
250. Carcass – Dead body of a large animal
251. Cadaver – Dead body used in a medical college for studies
252. Corpse – A dead body of a human being
253. Consort – A royal wife or husband
254. Caricature – A drawing or imitation of something which is so exaggerate as to appeal ridiculous
255. Conservative – Opposed to great or sudden change

256. Dawdle – To walk slowly , wasting tine
257. Dynasty – Succession of rulers belonging to one family
258. Dermatologist – He is a doctor who is specialist skin diseases
259. Demagogue – A democratic orator
260. Dominion – An area of land that is controlled by a ruler
261. Drought – Dry weather with no rainfall
262. Draught – Gust of wind
263. Dandy – A man who pays too much attention to his clothes and personal appearance
264. Diatribe – Bitter and violent attack in words
265. Destitute – The state of being miserable bereft of all possessions
266. Dexterous – Skilful at handling things
267. Depraved – Of very bad morals , characterised by debasement or degeneration
268. Deprecate – To feel or express disapproval of something or someone
269. Dilettante – One who is dabbler in arts , science or literature
270. Delegate – To give one’s authority to another
271. Dereliction – Failing to discharge one’s duty
272. Despotic – Not to be moved by entreaty
273. Deploy – To put soldiers or weapons in a position where they are ready to fight
274. Demography – The study of population
275. Distort – Pull out of usual shape
276. Dictatorship – Government run by dictator
277. Dotage – Extreme of old age when a man behaves like a fool
278. Dormitory – Sleeping room with many beds
279. Diurnal – Of the daytime
280. Dogma – opinion settled or fixed by an authority
281. Domicile – A person living permanently in a certain place
282. Decennial – An event which happens one in a year
283. Decree – An order or law
284. Delinquent – A young person who regularly does illegal or immoral things
285. Drown – To die in water or any other liquid because one is unable to breathe
286. Diplomacy – The activity of managing relation between different countries
287. Defame – To injure one’s reputation
288. Dilate – To make or become larger
289. Denizen – A person , an animal or a plant that lives ,grows or often found in a particular place
290. Dirge/ Elegy – A mournful song for the dead
291. Dissertation – A long formal talk or peace of writing
292. Draper – A person who sells clothes or clothing
293. Milliner – A person make sells ladies’ hats etc
294. Distraught – Very worried and upset
295. Dwarf – An animal , plant or person much smaller than normal
296. Debauchery – Too much indulge in pleasure especially sexual activity and excessive drinking
297. Drowsy – A short nap
298. Drizzle – Light rain

299. Downpour – A very heavy fall of rain/ rain cats and dogs
300. Avalanche – A fall of snow and ice down a mountain
301. Discrepancy – Difference between two things that should be the same
302. Detour – A wandering from the direct way
303. Dunce – A person who is slow at learning
304. Directory – A type of book giving names and addresses etc.
305. Diffident – One who lacks confidence
306. Ductile – Capable of being bent or pulled into different shapes
307. Disperse – Scatter in all direction
308. Dockyard – Place where ships are built and maintained
309. Dummy – Large modal looking human being and used to clothes
310. Deteriorate – To go from bad to worse
311. Debutant – One who makes the first appearance in public platform like dancing, singing

312. Euphemism – A pleasant name for something that is unpleasant
313. Eulogy – A speech in praise of
314. Epithet – A word describes a person
315. Embezzle – Using money placed in one’s care in a wrong way to benefit oneself
316. Eternal – Something which lasts forever
317. Epilogue – Short speech or poem given at the end of a play or a book
318. Extempore – A speech delivered without preparation
319. Enviable – Likely to arouse envy
320. Eavesdropper – One who secretly listen to the talk of other
321. Emigrant – One who leaves one’s country in order to settle permanently
322. Effeminate – A man who is quite like a woman
323. Euthanasia – Bringing about a gentle and easy death especially to end suffering
324. Epitaph – Words inscribed on a tomb
325. Equilibrium – A state of equal balance between weight , force etc.
326. Effulgence – A state of being bright and radiant
327. Egoist – A person who is self centred
328. Excerpt – A part taken from a book
329. Editor – Person who directs preparation of a newspaper
330. Ecology – Study of interaction of people with their environment
331. Exonerate – Free somebody from blame or guilt
332. Exquisite – Very delicate and beautiful
333. Encyclopaedia – A book containing various branches of knowledge arranged in alpha
334. Egocentric – A person who thinks only about himself and not about others need
335. Egotist – One who always talks about himself
336. Edible – Fit to be eaten
337. Extravagant – A man who wastes his money on luxury
338. Exemplary – Worth following as example
339. Embankment – A raised bank or wall that is built to carry a roadway
340. Equine – Pertaining to horses
341. Espionage – Practise of employing spies in war
342. Effervesce – Give of bubbles of gas
343. Economical – Avoiding wastage
344. Endemic – Growing or existing in a certain place or region
345. Epidemic – An outbreak of a disease that spreads rapidly and attacks very many people
346. Epicurean – Involving an appreciation of fine food and drink
347. Equinox – A day when day and night are the same length
348. Effluents – Waste matter from a factory
349. Extant – Still existing and known
350. Effigy – A likeness of a person
351. Etiquette – The rules indicating the proper and polite to behave
352. Esplanade – An area for walking or driving along a shore
353. Endorsement – To write one’s signature on the back of paper or cheque
354. Epigram – A short and clever poem
355. Etiology/Aetiology – Science of the cases of diseases
356. Extravaganza – A very large and exciting show or event
357. Elocution – Style of speaking well
358. Erotica – Books Picture etc intended to arouse sexual desire
359. Emeritus – Retired with an honorary title from a office or position especially in a university
360. Emissary – A person sent on a mission
361. Exodus – Large scale departure of people
362. Electorate – A body of votes
363. Emporium – A trading centre/ A large retail store
364. Elope – To run away with a lover in order to get married secretly
365. Espadrille – A sandal usually having a fabric upper and a flexible sole
366. Edifice – A large impressive building such as a church or government building
367. Emblazon – To decorate a surface with something
368. Embroil – To involve in a quarrel or in a difficult situation
369. Eradicable – That which can be rooted out
370. Ecophobia – Fear of home surrounding
371. Ennui – A lack of spirit enthusiasm or interest
372. Executioner – A person whose duty is to put to death condemned person
373. Equator – An imaginary line round the earth
374. Epistle – A verse letter
375. Eccentric – Not conforming to ordinary rules of behaviour
376. Excursion – A short journey made by a group of person together
377. Expiate – To atone for one’s sins
378. Elysian /Elysium – Paradise or a place where one gets supreme delight and bliss

379. Fusillade – A large number of bullets fired at the same time
380. Salvo – The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion
381. Fastidious – Not likely to be easily pleased
382. Famine – Widespread scarcity of food
383. Facsimile – An exact copy
384. Feud – A prolonged and a bitter quarrel
385. Fugitive – A person who runs away from justice or law
386. Fidelity – The equality of being faithful
387. Fauna – The animals of a particular region
388. Flora – Plants of a particular region
389. Flounder – To struggle helplessly
390. Funambulist – One who walks on rope
391. Fatal/Mortal – Causing death
392. Fingerpost – A guide post pointing out the way for a place
393. Fiasco – A complete failure
394. Firestorm – A large fire that is caused by bombs
395. Figment – Something which is imagined to be real but actually does not exist
396. Fanatical – Excessively enthusiastic often unreasonably about something
397. Fratricide – Murder of brother
398. Feminist – A man who wants to make woman’s legal political social etc.
. right equal to those of man
399. Façade – The front of a building
400. Festoon – A long chain or strip of something that is hung as decoration
401. Fallible – Capable of making mistakes or being wrong
402. Flamboyant – Extremely showy and colourful personality
403. Forgery – The crime of copying pictures documents signatures etc.
404. Fold – A small enclosure for cattle , sheep
405. Fiend – A person who is very cruel / a devil
406. Fleet – A group of ship
407. Fortnight – A period of 15 days / two weeks
408. Feasible – Able to be done
409. Felony – A serious crime
410. Fraud – An act of dishonestly
411. Furrow – A line cut into the earth by plough

412. Gingivitis – Inflammation of gums
413. Glutton – One who eats too much
414. Granary – A place where food grains are stored
415. Repository – A place where a large amount of something is stored
416. Glossary – A list of explanations of rare , technical or obsolate words
417. Gullible – One who is easily deceived
418. Garrison – A number of soldiers , for guarding a fortress etc.
419. Gynaecologist – A person who deals with disease of women
420. Gaggle – A group of talkative girls or woman
421. Gratuity – Money paid to employees on retirement
422. Geriatrics – The area of medicine that deals with disease of old age
423. Glower – To look at someone in an angry or threatening way
424. Genocide – The killing of whole group of people
425. Gesture – A movement of part of body to express an idea of feeling
426. Gnaw – To bite or chew something repeatedly
427. Garrulous – Very talkative
428. Gangrene – The decay of the part of body of a person , animal etc.
429. Galaxy – A very large group of stars

430. Gregarious – Liking the company of other people
431. Gust – A sudden blast of wind
432. Gourmet – One who likes or knows about good food
433. Gladiator – A man trained to fight with other men or animals for the amusement of spectators
434. Genetics – Study of heredity
435. Grocer – A person who sells certain kinds of food and household supplies
436. Groom/ Ostler – A person who looks after horses
437. Gnash – To rub the teeth together in anger
438. Giddiness – Felling that everything turns
439. Gobble – Eat fast noisily and greedily
440. Gallery – A room or building in which people look at painting, sculpture ,etc.
441. Glazier – A person who puts glass in window frames etc.

442. Heresy – An opinion contrary to popular belief
443. Hearsay – Something heard from another person
444. Hierarchy – A system in which people are placed in a series
445. Haggard – Looking tired and unhappy
446. Hamlet – A cluster of houses in a village
447. Horizon – The line when the land and sky seems to meet
448. Homogeneous – Consisting of parts all of same kind
449. Heterogeneous – Consisting of different kinds of people or thing
450. Harbour – A place of shelter for ships
451. Hangar – A building in which aircraft are house
452. Huddle – Number of things or portion closed together without order or management
453. Hamper – A large food basket with a cover
454. Honorary – Without pay or emolument
455. Hermit – A person who prefers to live alone , without contact with other
456. Cannibal – A person who eats human flesh/An animal which eats others of its own species
457. Frugivore – One who eats fruits
458. Hoard – To store and stock
459. Honorarium – An emolument over and above fixed income or salary
460. Hypocrite/Imposter- One who pretends to be what he is not
461. Hallucination – Seeing something which is not actually present
462. Heifer – Young cow that has not yet had a calf
463. Harangue – A noise and bombastic speech addressed in a large assembly
464. Hedonist – A person who believes that pleasure is the most important thing in life
465. Hinterland – Parts of a country behind the coast or a river bank
466. Histrionic – Very dramatic
467. Hutch – A wooden box with a front made of wire that is used for keeping small animals
468. Byre – The shelter for cow
469. Hurricane – Violent storm
470. Hijack – To forcibly take control of a vehicle
471. Hysterics – An expression of extreme fear
472. Heckle – To interrupt a speaker at a public meeting with difficult question or rude comments
473. Hive – Artificial center for honey bees
474. Hippodrome – Course of chariot races
475. Hermaphrodite – Creatures having both male and female organs

476. Introspection – Examination of self thought or feelings
477. Indefatigable – Able to work for a very long time without become tired
478. Irrigate – To supply water to land by canals or other artificial means
479. Incorrigible – One who can not be corrected
480. Inaccessible – Not able to be approached , reached or obtained
481. Irrelevant – Unrelate to the subject
482. Itinerary – A route for a journey
483. Infallible – A person or his judgement never making a mistake
484. Invincible – That cannot be overcome or defeated
485. Incombustible – Not able to be burned
486. Inflammable – Easily set on fire
487. Iconoclast – A person who criticizes beliefs that are widely accepted
488. Ineffable – Impossible to describe
489. Insolvent/Bankrupt – One who is unable to pay one’s debts
490. Intermittent – Happening occasionaly
491. Inaudible – Not loud or clear enough to be heard
492. Internment – Confinement during war time
493. Intermediary – A person who takes messages from one person to another in a dispute in order to settle the dispute
494. Investigate – To examine or inquire into carefully
495. Imperialism – The policy of having or extending control over the territory of other nation
496. Irresistible – Impossible to resist
497. Idolatry – The worship of idols
498. Sculptor – A person who makes idols
499. Ingenious – Clever at finding new or simple solution for complex problems
500. Incongruous – Unsuitable or out of place
501. Illegitimate – Born of parents not married to each other
502. Inimical – Not friendly
503. Invigilator – A person who supervise students or while they are doing an examination
504. Irrevocable – That cannot be altered or with drawn
505. Inexplicable – Impossible to explain or understand
506. Incendiary – A person who sets fire to building etc. unlawfully
507. Interpreter – A person who translates the world of a speaker into the
. language of his heard
508. Impeachment – Special trial of the head of state by parliament
509. Incredible – Something that is hard to believe
510. Inveterate/fastidious- Very critical and difficult to please
511. Idiosyncrasy – An unusual way in which a person behaves
512. Ingrate – An unthankful person
513. Intangible – That cannot be touched
514. Interregnum – The period between two reigns

515. Incantation – Words said or sung as a spell
516. Indispensable – That cannot be done without
517. Invoice – A list sent with goods giving details of price and quantity
518. Impenetrable – That which cannot be penetrated, entered or passed through
519. Imperishable – Not perishable
520. Insomnia – Inability to sleep

521. Janitor – One who takes care of a building
522. Curator – A person in charge of a museum
523. Custodian – A person who guards or takes care of something
524. Sexton – A person who looks after a church
525. Jury/ Panel – A body of person appointed to hear evidence and give their verdict in trials
526. Jockey – A person who rides horses in races as an occupation
527. Jargon – Special words or phrases used within a group , trade or profession
528. Jurisdiction – A fixed territory in which authority can be exercised
529. Jettison – To throw
530. Journalist/Reporter – A write for a newspaper
531. Juggler/Conjuror – One who Performs tricks or acts of magic or deftness
532. Jamboree – A large and lively gathering
533. Jaunt – A brief trip or journey made for pleasure
534. Stroll/Saunter – A walk
535. Plod – To walk heavily and slowly

536. Kleptomania – An excessively morbid desire to steal
537. Bibliomania – The extreme fondness for books
538. Kangaroo court – An unofficial court that punishes people unfairly
539. Kennel – A type of small hut for a dog
540. Kinsman – A man or woman of same family as oneself
541. Knapsack – A small bag for food, clothes etc. slung on the back
542. Knell – The sound of a bell giving warning of a death or funerals
543. Kiln – A type of large oven for baking pottery or bricks
544. Ceramics – The art of Pottery
545. Potter – A person who makes plates , cups , vases etc.
546. Tannery – A place where leather is tanned
547. Kindergarten – A school for very young children
548. Kernel – The softer substance inside the shell of a nut

549. Lexicographer – One who compiles a dictionary
550. Legible – Clear enough to be read
551. Labyrinth – A place full of long ,winding passage / a maze
552. Lapidist – One who cuts precious stones
553. Lithotomy – Cutting for stone in the bladder
554. Lunar – Related to moon
555. Lunatic – A person who is insane or crazy
556. Lair/Den – The den of a wild beast
557. Lullaby – A song sung to make children go to sleep
558. Lull – A temporary period of calm
559. Layman – A common person
560. Leer – An unpleasant kind of smile
561. Legacy – Something left in a will by someone who has died
562. Linguistics – The science of languages
563. Laxative – A medicine which makes it easier to pass waste matter from the bowels
564. Laboratory – A place where scientist experiments are carried on
565. Limnology – The study of lakes or fresh water
566. Legend – A myth or traditional story , handed down from one generation to another
567. Lascivious – One who filled with or showing sexual desire
568. Lavatory – Room with toilet facilities

569. Misologist – One who hates knowledge
570. Misogamist – One who hates marriage
571. Misogynist – One who hates women
572. Misanthrope – One who hates mankind
573. Mosaic – The art of making a design formed by fitting small pieces of coloured marble , glass , etc.
574. Microscope – An instrument which makes very small object able to be seen
. magnifying them greatly
575. Telescope – A kind of tube containing lenses through which distant object appear closer
576. Kaleidoscope – A tube shaped toy in which loose coloured pieces of glass reflected in two mirrors for changing pattern
577. Manuscript – The hand written or typed material for a book etc.
578. Mortuary /Morgue – A building or room in a hospital where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation
579. Mercenary – A professional soldiers hired to serve in a foreign army
580. Mammals – Animals which suckle their young
581. Monopoly – Exclusive possession or control of anything
582. Miser/ Parsimonious- A mean person who lives very poorly in order to store up wealth
583. Maverick – A person who refuses to follow the customs or rules of a group

584. Mediocre – One who is neither intelligent nor dull / not very good or great
585. Massacre – The killing of large number of people with cruelty
586. Maxim – A saying , general truth or rule giving a guide to good behaviour
587. Maiden – The first speech made by a person
588. Manoeuvre – A planned movement of troops , ships , aircraft , vehicles etc.
589. Mirage – An illusion of an area of water in the desert or on a road
590. Mortgage – A legal agreement by which a sum of money is lent for the purpose of buying building , land etc.
591. Memoirs – A person’s written account of his own life , an autobiography
592. Mores – Customs and habits of a particular group
593. Migration – The movement of persons from one country to another
594. Midwife – A person (usually a trained nurse )who helps at the birth of children
595. Matron – A senior nurse in charge of a hospital
596. Martinet – A person who is very strict and demands obedience from others
597. Malingerer – one who pretends illness to escape duty

598. Niche – A hollow in a wall for a statue
599. Nomad – One of a group of people with no permanent home who travel
. about with their sheep
600. Nepotism – Giving of special favour to one’s kith and kin
601. Narcissism – Excessive indulgence to self
602. Notorious – A person who is well known for badness or wickedness
603. Nomenclature – A system of naming things
604. Nimble – Able to move quickly , easily and lightly
605. Novice – A beginner in any skill
606. Naturalist – A person who studies animal and plants life
607. Nostalgia – A longing for past time
608. Neurology – The branch of medical science that deals with the nervous system
609. Nun – A member of a female or religious community
610. Nunnery/convent – A house in which a group of nuns live
611. Ascetic – Avoiding pleasure and comfort , especially for religious reason
612. Recluse – A person who lives alone and avoids other people
613. Celibate – The state of being unmarried or of refraining from sexual intercourse
614. Bachelor – An unmarried man
615. Spinster – A woman who is married
616. Virgin – A person , especially a women ,who had no sexual intercourse

617. Omnibus – A book which holds several works or one author
618. Obsolescent – Passing out of use
619. Out post – A distant place
620. Orator/Eloquent – A proficient public speaker
621. Oligarchy – Government by a small group of all powerful persons
622. Ochlocracy – Government by mob.(mobocracy)
623. Panarchy – A Government run universally
624. Dynasty – Succession of Rulers belonging to one family
625. Orphanage – A home of orphans
626. Orphan – A child who has lost both parents
627. Ornithology – The study of birds and their behaviour
628. Obituary – A notice of a person’s death
629. Orchestra – A group of musician playing together
630. Choir – A group of singers
631. Troupe – A performing group of actors , dancers
632. Troop – A group of soldiers
633. Opulent – Very wealthy
634. Optimist – One who looks at the bright side of things
635. Pessimist – A person who always expects bad things to happen
636. Oculist – A person who attends to the diseases of the eye
637. Optician – A person who makes and sells spectacles and optical instruments
638. Octogenarian – A person between eighty and eighty nine years old
639. Nonagenarian – A person ninety years of age
640. Sexagenarian – A person from sixty to sixty nine years old
641. Septuagenarian – A person from seventy to seventy nine years old
642. Ombudsman – An official appointed to look into complaints especially against a government
643. Octagon – A geometrical figure with eight sides
644. Orbit – The path in which something moves around a planet , star etc.
645. Obstetrics- The science of helping women before during ,and after the birth of baby
646. Obstetrician- A doctor who specializes on obstetrics
647. Onslaught – A fierce attack
648. Orthopaedics- The branch of medicine which concerns diseases and injuries of the bones
649. Orchard- A garden or other area in which fruit trees are grown
650. Opprobrium- Scornful and contemptuous language
651. Oblation- The act of making a religious offering
652. Observatory- A place for observing and studying of stars , weather etc.
653. Ostracize – To refuse to accept someone in society or group
654. Offspring – The young of an animal or plant
655. Onlooker- A person who watches something happening
656. Ordeal- A difficult , painful experience
657. Ornate – Covered with decorations / using many fancy words
658. Oncology- Study of tumours
659. Onomatopoeia- The creation of words that imitate natural sounds
660. Obese- A very fat man

661. Panacea- A remedy for all ills
662. Palindrome- A word that reads the same backward or forward
663. Pacifist/Dovish- A person who makes a great show of his knowledge
664. Philistine- A person who indifferent to art and literature
665. Perseverance- Ability to continue to do something in spite of difficulties
666. Philatelist- A person who studies and collecting of postage stamps
667. Numismatics- A person who studies and collecting of coins paper money , and medals
668. Paradox – A statement that contradicts itself
669. Phonetics – A study of sounds
670. Peninsula- A piece of land that is almost surrounded by water
671. Isthmus- A narrow area of land that connects two larger land areas
672. Strait- A narrow strip of sea between two pieces of land
673. Preface /Prologue- An introduction to a book
674. Pantry- A room for storing food
675. Philanderer- A man who likes many woman and has Short sexual relationship with them
676. Paediatrics – The study of illness of the children
677. Plagiarist – Someone who uses another person’s words or ideas

678. Pseudonym – A false name used by an author
679. Parboil – A method of boiling briefly to cook food slightly
680. Psephologist – One who studies election trends by means of opinion polls
681. Potable – That can be drunk
682. Palatable – That can be eaten
683. Penchant – A strong liking for something
684. Pandemonium – A state of noise and confusion
685. Paragon – A perfect example of good quality
686. Polygraph – A lie detector
687. Pensive – Thinking deeply aabout something
688. Plaintiff – A person who starts a legal case against another
689. Prototype – The first original model
690. Predator – One preying or exploiting others
691. Parasite – An animal or plant that live on another
692. Parasol – A light umbrella used as a protection against sun
693. Patriot – A person who loves his or her country
694. Partisan – A strong and enthusiastic support of a person
695. Protocol – Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence
696. Parvenu – A person of obscure position who has gained wealth
697. Paraphernalia – A large collection of small objects , often the tools for a job or hobby
698. Periphery – Boundary of an area
699. Perch – A branch on which a birds sits or stands
700. Porch/veranda – A covered entrance to a building
701. Patent – Sole right to make and sell some invention
702. Playboy – A rich man who spends his time and money on pleasure
703. Prophet – A person who believes that he is able to foretell the future
704. Prodigy – An unusually gifted or intelligent young person
705. Prodigal – A person who spends money to extravagantly
706. Pedestrian – A person who travels on foot
707. Prerogative – A special right belonging to a person because of his rank
708. Pedagogue – Someone who educates young people
709. Purgative – A medicine which clears waste matter of the body
710. Proprietor – An owner of a shop , hotel
711. Pauper – A very poor person
712. Plaque – A plate of metal etc. fixed to wall as a memorial
713. Postscript – A part added to a letter after the writer has signed it
714. Prelude – A piece of music as an introduction the main piece
715. Pantomime – A performance by an actor done without using words
716. Projectile – Something that is thrown as a weapon
717. Pilferer – A thief who steals small things
718. Punter – A person who gambles or bets
719. Pilgrim – A person who travels to a holy place
720. Predecessor – A person who has had a particular job or position before someone else
721. Palaeography – The study of ancient writings
722. Plebeian – A common person
723. Platitude – Ordinary or common place remark

725. Quirk/Queer – A strange or unusual feature of a person’s behaviour
726. Quandary – A state of uncertainty
727. Quilt – A bed cover filled with down,feathers
728. Quest – A search for something
729. Quadrennial – An event which happens once in five years
730. Questionnaire – Long list of questions especially for something
731. Quack /Charlatan – A person who dishonestly claims to have medical qualification

732. Rheumatism – A disease which causes stiffness and pain in one’s joints
733. Rostrum – A platform on which a public speaker stands
734. Podium – A platform on which a lecturer , musical conductor etc. stands
735. Proscenium – The part of stage in front of the curtain
736. Repartee – A meeting in which clever statements and replies are made quickly
737. Red-tapism – Too much official formality
738. Referee – A person who controls boxing , football etc. matches ,make sure that the rules are not broken
739. Reinforcement – Men added to an army in order to strengthen it
740. Ranger – A person who looks after a forest or park
741. Recital – A public performance of music or songs usually by one person or small number of people
742. Rattle – A series of short , sharp , noises
743. Ransom – A sum of money paid for the freeing of a prisoner
744. Rhythm – A regular , repeated pattern of sounds
745. Rigid – Completely stiff , not able to be bent easily
746. Retrospection – process of looking back to the past
747. Requiem – A piece of music for the souls of the dead
748. Revive – To become strong , healthy ,or active again
749. Rehabilitate – To bring back to a normal life , normal standards of behaviour by treatment
750. Convalescent – One who is recovering health , after illness
751. Rejuvenate – To make young again
752. Resuscitate – To bring a person back to consciousness
753. Referendum – The practice of submitting a proposal to popular vote
754. Richter – Scale used for measuring the strength of an earthquake
755. Rhinologist – Specialized in nose diseases
756. Reluctant – A person who is unwilling to do
757. Respite/Repose – A pause or rest
758. Remuneration – To pay someone for something he has done
759. Rafter – A beam supporting the roof of a house
760. Reconnaissance – Information gathering activity
761. Revolution – A successful ,violent attempt to change or remove a government and start a new one
762. Ruminant – A cud – chewing animal
763. Relegate – To put down to lower grade
764. Redundancy – Superfluity of words
765. Refuge – A place which gives shelter or protection from danger, trouble etc.
766. Renegade – A person who leaves one group , religion
767. Restaurant – A place where meals may be bought and eaten
768. Renounce – Give up a high position of authority or control
769. Rotunda – A large , round room and especially one covered by a dome
770. Reservoir – A man made lake , where water for drinking is stored
771. Reveille – A bugle call at day break to waken soldiers
772. Retaliate – Give tit for tat
773. Rendezvous – A place where a certain group of people meet or go regularly
774. Rebel – A person who opposes or fight against a government
775. Replica – A exact copy , especially of a work of art
776. Raconteur – A person skilled in telling stories
777. Refectory – A dinning hall for monks , students etc.
778. Roster – A list showing the work , duties that people are to do
779. Raffle – A way of making money for a charity by selling tickets
780. Rabble – A noisy, disorderly crowd

781. Satchel – A small bag for school books
782. Stupor – A half conscious , dazed or bewildered condition caused by alcohol , drugs , shock etc.
783. Superfluous – Beyond what is needed or wanted
784. Scholar – A person of great knowledge and learning
785. Stoic – One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain
786. Seismology – The science or study of earthquakes
787. Scapegoat – A person who is blamed or punished for the mistakes of others
788. Sanatorium – A place in a school , college etc. for those who are ill
789. Shoplifter – A person who steal goods from a shop
790. Syllable – A word or part of a word usually containing a vowel sound
791. Stub – A short remaining end of a cigarette , pencil etc.
792. Swagger – Walk in proud and confident way
793. Simultaneous – Happening or done , at exactly the same time
794. Soliloquy – Speaking one’s thoughts aloud to one self
795. Somniloquist – One who Talks in sleep
796. Sceptic – A person who is unwilling to believe
797. Sadist – One who derives pleasure from inflicting pain on others
798. Sprint – A run or running race performed at high speed over a short distance
799. Sedative – A medicine, drug etc. having a soothing or calming effect
800. Stimulant – A medicine, drink etc. that makes one more alert
801. Statute – A written law of a country
802. Serendipity – Accidental good fortune
803. Sycophant – A person who praises powerful people in order to get their approval
804. Sericulture – The production of raw silk by raising silk work
805. Solicitor – A legal advisor
806. Subplot – A story within story
807. Spectators – A person who watches an event
808. Sanctimonious – Trying to appear full of holiness or goodness
809. Samaritan – One who helps other
810. Altruist – One who helps without selfishness
811. Shroud – A cloth rapped around a dead body
812. Sojourn – A short stay at a place
813. Scaffold/Gallows – A raised platform especially for use formerly when putting a criminal death
814. Noose – The loop of rope with a running knot used hang a person
815. Scuffle – A confused fight between a few people using their fists , feet etc.
816. Spokesman – A person who speaks on behalf of a group of others
817. Specimen – Something used as a sample
818. Subpoena/summons – A written order that commands someone to appear in court to give evidence
819. Supper – A meal taken at the end of the day
820. Scullery – A room for rough kitchen work but high salary
821. Swarm – A great number of insects or other small creatures moving together
822. Superficial – On or affecting the surface only
823. Stowaway – To hide one self on a ship , aircraft etc. before its departure

824. Slough – The dead skin of certain fruits
825. Sanctuary – A holy or sacred place
826. Solecism – A mistake in speech or writing
827. Scurrilous – Insulting or abusive writing in journals
828. Soprano – The highest voice part in a singing group
829. Symposium – A formal conference in which experts discuss on a subject
830. Salvage – To save from loss or destruction in a fire
831. Swansong – The last work or performance of a poet musician etc. before his
. or her death or retirement
832. Sitophobia – Fear of food
833. Saboteur – A person who damages things
834. Skeleton – The bony frame work of an animal or person
835. Stoker – A person who put coal or other fuel on a fire in the furnace of a boiler etc.
836. Sever – To cut into two pieces
837. Surreptitious – Stealthly dine
838. Synagogue – A gathering of jews meeting together for worship
839. Snob – One who despises person of lower social position
840. Subterranean – Below the surface
841. Shuttle – A transport service which operates constantly backwards and forwards between two places

842. Tremor/quiver – Shaking movement of the ground
843. Taxidermy – The art of preparing and stuffing the skins of animals
844. Thesaurus – A book which gives information especially one which lists words according to their meanings
845. Traunt – Someone who stays away from school etc. without permission
846. Triennial – That which takes ones in three year
847. Tavern – An inn or public house
848. Tenant – A person who pays rent to another for the use of a house , building , land etc.
849. Territory – A stretch of land , a region
850. Truism – A true statement
851. Trilogy – A group of three plays , novels , films etc. by the same story
852. Topology – Physical feature of an area
853. Turncoat – One who easily gives up his party or principles
854. Tenet – A belief or idea that is very important to a group
855. Trustee – A person who keeps and take care of something especially money or property for someone else
856. Testimonial – A written statement saying what one knows about a person’s character , abilities etc.
857. Tribute – An expression of praise , thanks etc
858. Trespassers – To go on someone’s land without permission
859. Temporary – Lasting only for a very short while
860. Talkative/ Garrulous- Talking a lot
861. Taciturn/Reticent- One who not talking a lot
862. Transparent – Able to be seen through
863. Translucent – Allowing light to pass through out but not transparent
864. Opaque – Not transparent
865. Transformation – To change the appearance or nature of completely
866. Tankard – A large drinking mug of metal , glass etc.
867. Tsunami – High sea waves caused by under water earthquake
868. Tempest – a violent storm, with very strong wind
869. Tornado – A violent whirl wind that can cause great damage
870. Trousseau – A bride’s outfit

871. Teetotaller – A person who never takes alcoholic drinks
872. Triumvirate – A group of three powerful people
873. Theocracy – A country that is ruled by religious leaders / clergy
874. Totalitarianism – A system of government in which only one political party is allowed to function
875. Traitor – A person who changes to the enemy’s side or gives away information to the enemy
876. Tradition – The process of passing on from generation to generation customs , beliefs ,stories etc.
877. Tantrum – A fit of extreme rage
878. Tributary – A stream flowing into a river
879. Terminology – The special words or phrase used in a particular art , science etc.
880. Testament – A written statement especially of what one wants to be done with one’s personal property after one dies
881. Travelogue – A film , article ,talk etc. about travels
882. Trapdoor – A small door or opening , in a floor or ceiling
883. Topiary – The art of cutting trees and bushes into ornamental shapes
884. Bonsai – A small decorative evergreen shrub or tree grown in a pot

885. Ubiquitous – Present in all places and at all times
886. Unanimous – That which is without opposition
887. Usher – A person shows people to their seats in a theatre etc.
888. Usurer – One who lends money at a very high interest
889. Upheaval – A great change or disturbance
890. Utopia – An imaginary country that has a perfect social and political system
891. Undertaker – A person who organizes funerals
892. Utensil – An instrument or vessel used in everyday life
893. Usurp – To take another person’s power , position etc.
894. Udder – The bag like part of a cow , goat etc.
895. Unfathomable – Impossible to understand
896. Unavoidable/inevitable – That cannot be avoided

897. Volunteer – A person who offers to do , something of his own free will
898. Veterinary – Of or concerning , the treatment of diseases in animals
899. Veteran/Doyen – A person who is old and experienced as a soldier etc. or in some other occupation
900. Vagabond – A person having no settled home , or roving from place to place
901. Venerable – Worthy of great respect because of age or for special goodness
902. Vendor – A person who sell ice cream , hot dogs souvenirs etc. from a stall
903. Souvenir – Something which reminds one of a place , person or occasion
904. Vegetarian – A person who does not eat meat of any kind / living on vegetables
905. Versatile – Able to turn easily and successfully from one task , activity or occupation
906. Voyage – A usually long journey , especially by sea
907. Vanguard – The part of an army going in front of the main body
908. Vulnerable – Liable to be hurt or damaged
909. Vagrant – A person who moves from one place to another especially in order to find work
910. Virtuoso – A person who knows a great deal about music , painting
911. Verso – Any left page of a book
912. Recto – Any right hand page of a book
913. Visible – Able to be seen
914. Verdict – The decision of a jury at the end of a trial
915. Verbose – Using too many words
916. Verbatim – Word for word
917. Velocity – Speed , especially in a given direction
918. Ventriloquist – A professional entertainment who can speak so that his or her voice seems to come from some other person or places
919. Valetudinarian – One who always thinks himself to be ill
920. Venal – Willing to do dishonest things in return for money
921. Villain – A person who is wicked or of very bad character

922. Viviparous – producing living young
923. Oviparous – Producing eggs
924. Viaduct – A long bridge carrying a road or railway over a valley
925. Velodrome – A track designed for cycling
926. Voluptuary – A person addicted to luxury and pleasures of the senses
927. Vertebrates – An animal having a back bone
928. Valise – A type of soft bag in which clothes and personal item are carried when travelling
929. Vesper – Evening prayer
930. Matin – Morning prayer

931. Waybill – A list of passengers and luggage
932. Wreath – A circular garland of flowers of leaves
933. Inflorescence – A cluster of flowers
934. Wardrobe – A place where clothes are kept
935. Walkway – A path etc. for pedestrians only
936. Wary – Cautious or on one’s guard
937. Whimsical – One who have sudden desire or change of mind
938. Windfall – Any unexpected gain or success
939. Whisper – A very quiet sound especially something said
940. Wizard – Person with amazing abilities
941. Witch – A woman who is supposed to have powers of magic
942. Waif – A thin and homeless child
943. Waltz – A type of slow ballroom dance performed by couples
944. Widower – A man whose wife is dead
945. Witty – Clever and amusing
946. Wrath – Violent anger
947. Wreck – Something in a very bad condition
948. Wriggle – Move along with quick ,short twistings
949. Wholesome – Healing , causing good health

950. Xenophobia – A deep dislike of foreigners
951. Acrophobia – Fear of air
952. Agoraphobia – Fear of open space
953. Hydrophobia – Fear of water
954. Claustrophobia – Fear of closed place
955. Cynophobia – Fear of dogs
956. Bibilophobia – Fear of books
957. Necrophobia – Fear of dead bodies
958. Thanatophobia – Fear of death
959. Bathophobia – Fear of depths
960. Mythophobia – Fear of telling lie
961. Ochlophobia – Irrational fear of crowds/ mob
962. Anglophobia – Fear of English/ England and English things
963. Gnoscophobia – Fear of knowledge
964. Yacht – A boat or small ship
965. Yashmak – A veil worn by moslem women , covering the face below the eyes
966. Yell/ Yelp – A sharp, sudden cry
967. Yolk – The yellow part of an egg
968. Yoke – A wooden frame placed over the necks of oxen to hold them together when they are pulling a cart etc.
969. Albumen – The white part of an egg
970. Yuppie – A young , ambitious , professional person who earns a lot of money and spends it on fashionable things

971. Zymology – Study of enzymes
972. Anthropology – A study of mankind
973. Cardiology – A study of heart
974. Gerontology – A study of old age
975. Oncology – A study of tumours
976. Anemology – A study of winds
977. Craniology – A study of skulls
978. Ethnology – A study of human races
979. Topology – A study of shapes
980. Palaeontology – A study of fossils
981. Dactylology – A study of fingers print
982. Petrology – A study of rocks
983. Dedrology – A study of trees
984. Astronomy – A study of stars
985. Archaeology – A study of pre-historic remains
986. Chromatology – A study of colours
987. Etymology – A study of the origin and history of words
988. Entomology – A study of insects
989. Meteorology – A study of weather forecast
990. Oralogy – A study of mountains
991. Ornithology – A study of birds
992. Philology – A study of language
993. Physiognomy – A study of human face
994. Seismology – A study of earthquakes
995. Topography – A study of physical features of a place through map or chart
996. Geography – A study and science of earth mapping
997. Zodiac – Diagram of paths of sun , moon and planets
998. Zeal – A strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm
999. Zigzag – Of a line road etc. having sharp bends or angles from side to side
1000. Zoophilist – A lover of animals

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