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Mathematics Quiz : 17 February 2020

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Many of you have been practicing a lot for your upcoming exams. Thus, to give you a head start we thought of helping you by bringing out daily Mathematics quiz on NDA, Navy, Air-Force and various other defence exams, that will help you boost up your preparation a lot more. Moreover, this quiz contains expected questions which match the Exam Pattern of most of the Defence Exams. Today’s Quiz is based on Mix Questions. We make sure that we provide Mix Bilingual as students demand for both English and Hindi Language. Make sure to attempt this Important Mathematics Quiz 17 February 2020 based on Important  Questions and check your preparation level.

Mathematics Questions for Air-Force March 2020 Exam

1. Find the probability of not having 53 Mondays in a leap year.
एक लीप वर्ष में 53 सोमवार नहीं होने की प्रायिकता ज्ञात कीजिए |
a. 5/7
b. 7/5
c. 1/5
d. 1/7

2. If 4 coins are tossed together, what is the probability of having at least one tail?
यदि 4 सिक्कों को एक साथ उछाला जाए, तो कम-से-कम एक पुच्छ आने की क्या प्रायिकता होगी
a. 1/16
b. 1/4
c. 1/8
d. 15/16

3. The position vector of planar points A, B, C and D are a, b, c and d respectively such that, (a-b). (b-c) = (b-d). (c-a) = 0, then the point D of ΔABC will be
समतलीय बिन्दुओ A,B,C व D के स्थिति सदिश क्रमशः a, b, c तथा d इस प्रकार हैं कि, (a-b).(b-c)=(b-d).(c-a)=0, तो ΔABC का बिंदु D होगा
a. Incentre / अन्तःकेन्द्र
b. Circumcentre / परिकेन्द्र
c. Orthocentre / लम्बकेन्द्र
d. None of these / इनमें से कोई नहीं

4. If a = 2i + 3j – 5k, b = mi + nj + 12k and axb = 0, then the value of (m, n) will be
यदि a=2i+3j-5k, b=mi+nj+12k तथा axb = 0, तब (m,n) का मान होगा
a. (-24/5, 36/5)
b. (24/5, -36/5)
c. (-24/5, -36/5)
d. (24/5, 36/5)

5. If a = 2i + j + k, b = 1 + 2j – k and is the plane of a unit vector c. If c⊥a, then the value of c will be
यदि a=2i + j + k, b=1+2j-k और एक इकाई सदिश c का समतलीय है | यदि c⊥a हो, तो c का मान होगा
a. 1/√2 (-j+k)
b. 1/√3 (-i-j-k)
c. 1/√5 (i-2j)
d. 1/√3 (i-j-k)

6. The line x-y + z-5 = 0 = x-3y-6 has a ratio
रेखा x-y+z-5=0=x-3y-6 के दिक् अनुपात है 
a. 3, 1, -2
b. 3/√14, 1/√14, 2/√14
c. 2, -4, 1
d. 2/√41, -4/√41, 1/√41

7. The angle between the line joining the points (3,1,4) and (7,2,12) and the line with a ratio of 2: 2: 1 will be
बिन्दुओं (3,1,4) तथा (7,2,12) को मिलाने वाली रेखा तथा रेखा, जिसके दिक् अनुपात 2:2:1 है, के मध्य कोण होगा 
a. cos-1 (2/3)
b. cos-1 (-2/3)
c. tan-1 (2/3)
d. None of these / इनमें से कोई नहीं

8. If the points (−1,3,2), (−4,2, −2) and (5,5, λ) are collinear, the value of λ will be
यदि बिन्दु (-1,3,2) , (-4,2,-2) तथा (5,5,λ) समरेखीय हों, तो λ का मान होगा 
a. -10
b. 5
c. -5
d. 10

10. If a = (1,1,1), c = (0,1, -1) there are two vectors and b is a vector in such a way that a x b = c and a. b = 3, then the value of b is
यदि a=(1,1,1), c=(0,1,-1) दो सदिश हैं एवं b एक सदिश इस प्रकार है कि, a x b=c तथा a . b = 3, तो b का मान है 
a. (2/3, 2/3, 5/3)
b. (2/3, 5/3, 2/3)
c. (5,2,2)
d. (5/3, 2/3, 2/3)

1. A
2. D
3. C
4. C
5. A
6. A
7. A
8. D
9. A
10. D

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