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Spotify Premium APK [Mod] v8.5.80.1037 [Nov 2020] Free Download


Are you one of those who loves music and did not want to be disturbed while you listen to your favorite tunes? There are a lot of music streaming apps available, but the amount of attraction Spotify has managed to achieve is worth applauding. Spotify has two versions, one is free, but you have to pay for the Premium version. What if I say, you can get Spotify Premium Mod Apk for absolutely nothing.

Being a Freemium app, Spotify offers two versions. The free version provides all the basic functionalities with access to millions of songs but restricts some services that include non-removal of ads. One loves to enjoy music ad-free. How would you like you are in the middle of your orgasm instantly your dad walks inside your room?

To not spoil your mood and let you enjoy the music freely we have just added the latest November 2020 version of  Spotify Premium Mod Apk here.

I know your addiction for music made you come here and you just want to have the latest version of Spotify Premium Apk installed as quickly as possible. Do not worry, we have added the apk below. Also, we have explained in this article how to install it on your android and ios devices.

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Let’s continue with your free Premium Mod Apk.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Everyone knows how wonderful the Spotify Music Platform is. Millions of people daily get entertained and listen to their favorite songs. Spotify is a lucrative freemium music streaming service.

You have to face many restrictions in the free version of the Spotify App and if you plan to remove all those restrictions you need to purchase a subscription to Spotify Premium Plan which starts for an individual from $9.99.

In the Spotify Mod Apk, you can get the Premium Plan features for free. There are no restrictions in the Mod Apk. You can enjoy unlimited music ad-free.

A group of developers de-coded the Spotify App, and with the new code embedded they were able to present the Spotify Mod apk which unlocks all the paid features of the app.

It is advisable to download Spotify Premium mod Apk to enjoy all the benefits provided by the Spotify Premium Plan.

Spotify Premium unlocks all the restrictions that you have in the free version of the App. In the free version, you are not able to download the songs for listening to when you are offline.

You cannot stream music in high quality and the most hated restriction is unskippable ads. You just have to wait for an ad to finish to continue listening to the music.

Even though Spotify provides special plans for students but is available only to students at an accredited higher education institution.

Also, one month is free is only open to higher education students who haven’t tried the premium plan yet.

Spotify Premium APK Plans


In the latest Spotify Premium Plan pricing, Spotify has 4 kinds of Premium Plans. The Spotify plans as follows:

1. Individual: An in the budget plan that Spotify offers. This plan allows one person to use Spotify. He/She can play, download (save offline) to ad-free music. It gives an opportunity of playback on-demand. The price of an Individual Premium Plan is $9.99 per month.

2. Duo: A couple-friendly plan offered by Spotify. This is a premium plan for couples living under one roof. You get a playlist for two along with regularly updated music for both of you to enjoy. Basically, you get everything included in the Individual plan but it is just for two users at the same time, which is priced at $12.99 per month.

3. Family: Do you have a joint family? then Spotify is there to cater to every member of the family. With the Spotify Family Premium Plan, you get up to 6 Premium accounts for 6 family members living under one roof. You can set a playlist for your family, with regularly updated music for every member to enjoy.

Have kids in the house? just block the music you find explicit. With a Family plan, you also get a separate music app specially made for kids.

Every family member can download (save offline) and listen to ad-free music. The price for Spotify Family Plan is $14.99 per month

4. Student: The cheapest but a limited plan that Spotify Premium offers. Limited because it is only available to students at an accredited higher education institution. Also, 1 month free is only open to higher education students who haven’t already tried Premium. It offers an ad-supported Hulu plan, showtime, and thus unlocks all features of Spotify. The StudentPlan is priced at $4.99 per month.

These all plans look well-curated but are still quite costly, aren’t they? Do not worry, we have a Spotify premium apk mod for you to solve your money related problems. Let us look at some of the features you are going to enjoy in the modified version of Spotify.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk

With the Spotify Mod Apk, you get every feature of the Spotify Premium App for which usually you have to pay membership fees.

With the Spotify Mod Apk, you get the latest bypassed version of the Spotify Premium Plan with all the premium features that are not available in the free plan.


Let us look at what marvelous features you are going to get in the Spotify premium mod apk and Why I recommend you to have a Premium Plan.

In addition to removing the ads that interrupt your music-streaming enjoyment, I can give you six good reasons for doing that.

Unlock Spotify Connect

unlock-spotify-connect-with-spotify-premium-apk-modSpotify has this amazing feature that permits you to listen to songs on any streaming device (TV, Smartphone, Desktop, or Laptop) you wish.

You will be able to use one account to deliver the power of music to your tablet, computer, phone, and more. Known to its users as Spotify connect, all you would like is to connect all your devices updated to the latest version to the same Wi-Fi network, and voila, all your devices now have become a streaming device.

Block Audio Ads

no-audio-adsAds are annoying and are even worse when they pop in between when you are in the middle of your relax mode playlist. These irrelevant and repetitive ads are not targeted to your geolocation or language which makes them even more annoying. Spotify free mod helps you block and disable all types of audio ads seamlessly to enhance your music experience.

Block Visual Ads


Every business owner wants to make money and if a company keeps giving away stuff for free then it soon is going to bankrupt. Whenever a business offers a free product all he can earn is from the ad revenue, it is advised to keep the frequency of ads to be limited but since it can be sometimes annoying for users. The Spotify Premium Mod APK helps you step into the zone free of ads and that a no cost.

Unlimited Shuffling


Imagine you are in a romantic mood and play a romantic song on Spotify, as the song finishes it automatically changes to the next song in the queue but due to not able to create your queue list your next song turns out to be something sad or explicit. Which is ultimately going to spoil your mood. Also, you are not allowed to browse the signature playlists provided by Spotify such as Daily Mix, Top Hits, Discover Weekly, and Release Radar.

But now with the mod APK, you can shuffle songs as much as you want.

Enable Seeking


In the free version of the Spotify App users are not allowed to skip to any specific part of the song. One has to listen along until your favorite part plays. This seeking limitation is not much enjoyable if you want to impress a girl with a special line in a song and you have to wait and pause it wholly before playing. But after using Spotify Premium Modded APK you can enable seeking which make you help you skip to any of your favorite part of the song.

Choose Any Song


No one enjoys listening to someone else selection for long, one gets bored easily when a song is not of your interest. In the free app users are allowed to search, save or bookmarks songs also they can create their playlists but are limited to select a particular track of their choice, the on-demand music is blocked.

Spotify will circumvent you and play similar songs instead even if you try shuffling a playlist that has a few on-demand songs. With the mod APK, you can listen an unlimited number of songs.

Unlock Extreme Audio


The quality of music is measured in kilobits per second (kbps) and every bit represents the part of the song. You just love the quality of music you hear in the free version of the Spotify App which is just 160 kbps. Imagine how high-quality music you will get when you choose the high quality (320 kbps) option. I bet you the high quality of music available in the Premium Spotify App is just going to blow your brains out.

Enable Canvas


Do you enjoy the music spectrum and other visual effects while playing your favorite music? The Premium version of Spotify provides this feature which replaces the cover art of the song and plays over in a loop. All of this enhances the user’s experience of listening to songs. With the premium mod apk, you can also enjoy listening to music with visual effects on screen.

Enable Repeat


The very useful feature that was reserved for the premium users of the Spotify App is the song repeat. Did you ever notice the rotating arrow-like icon at the bottom left of the now playing screen? Yes this, is just limited to premium users only but now not anymore. With the help of the modded app, you can now too listen to music on repeat.

Enable Storyline


To give you behind the scenes information about music from artists Spotify has introduced a Storyline feature. This storyline feature is just like the Instagram stories just the difference here is, it is specifically dedicated to the music artists. After downloading the Spotify Premium Mod APK you will also be able to get insights into the music by your favorite artist while listening to it.

Get rid of unwanted permissions


How annoying would it be when you want to disable an unwanted service in an app but you have to pay to do that. Spotify free app has a lot of such permissions that you want to disable straight away but unfortunately, you cannot. But, not anymore just get rid of all the annoying permission that was an obstacle between your music experience.

Disable Analytics / Crashlytics


Spotify uses the free version of the app to test the bugs and upsets of the app. With its help, it measures the user experience and even also train to learn algorithms. The frequent analytics logs and crash analysis reports are further implications for the free user app. To get rid of this just download the premium mod apk and immediately get your privacy back.

How to install Spotify Premium APK on your Android phone?

Let’s talk about what you have waited for so long. Let me share with you how you can download and install Spotify Premium mod APK on your android phones.

We find many APK Mods on the internet and most of them don’t work or filled with viruses and backdoors which are just not good in terms of your privacy.

Don’t waste your time looking into other websites just download the app from the given link below.

Sometimes you can download the APK but are not able to install it, you get an error prompt again and again.

To help you get through this hassle below we have added a step by step procedure to download and install the APK on your android smartphone devices.

Step 1 – Download Spotify Premium Mod: The first step is to download the latest version of the Spotify premium mod apk. You can get it from here and also from the link down below.

Step 2 – Enable the Install from Unknown Source option: Go to device settings > security > device administrator > Enable installation from third party sources.

With the help of this option, you will be allowed to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.


Step 3 – Go to the File Manager of your phone: Go to the download location where you have downloaded the Spotify premium APK package, tap on it to install.

Step 4 – Install the APK: Depending upon your device and its specifications, the installation process will take a couple of seconds to install the APK file.


That’s it all done, was that hard? Now you can enjoy the Premium Benefits of the Spotify App!

How to install Spotify Premium on your iOS device?

It was easy to install the Spotify Premium apk on your android device. It is even easier to install it on your iOS device such as your iPhone.

You can download and install this app on your iPhone easily, below are the instructions and steps to do that.

1 – First of all make sure the iOS version of your iPhone is over 13.1. If not, it is recommended to update first.

2 – Download the iOS version from the link provided below.

3 – Go to Setting > General Settings > Profile & Device Management and Click On Trust “I-Partner”

4 – To install the premium version of the App all your need is to permit the app to install. In a minute you will see installation is completed.

Now you can enjoy Spotify Premium (Spotify++) on your iPhone for free.

Go here to download and get further information regarding the Spotify Premium iOS version.


This Spotify Premium Apk what we have shared works fine without any errors. For your information let me tell you that recently Spotify Team has added some restrictions to users who are using modified versions and updated their app accordingly.

They have also sent emails to users who were using the mod version of Spotify Premium.

They have also banned some of the accounts they found which were using the mod version. Long story short, using a modified version of Spotify Premium Apk is illegal and we do not promote this behavior.

But if you want to still download it and use then do it at your own risk. All I can advise is to create a new account in a mod APK so that you do not risk your primary email.

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Do keep a look or consider bookmarking this page as we will be updating the APK file once a new version is available.


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