Vocabulary for Defence Exams Day 10

Vocabulary for Defence Exams

Vocabulary plays an important role in building confidence over English section for Defence exams as Vocabulary is the key player. The Hindu Vocabulary, the most useful Vocabulary words from The Hindu Editorial section. English section in every Defence exam has a few questions based on Vocabulary. Here we provide daily 10 words to build your Vocab Power and help you gain good marks in this section. We are providing a few vocabulary words for Vocabulary for Defence Exams. 
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1. Blasphemy (noun): An act of great disrespect shown to God or to sacred ideas, people, or things. (ईश्वर निन्दा)
Synonyms: Desecration, Impiety, Despoliation, Profanation, Sacrilege
Antonyms: Adoration, Glorification, Worship, Veneration
Example: When Jake made a joke in church, his mother accused him of blasphemy.

2. Expediency (noun): The quality of being convenient and practical despite possibly being improper or immoral. (सुविधा, योग्यता, उपयोगिता)
Synonyms: Convenience, Suitability, Usefulness, Appropriateness
Antonyms: Imprudence, Inappropriateness, Injudiciousness, Unsuitability
Example: I think this government operates on the basis of expediency, not of principle.

3. Coercive (adj): Relating to or using force or threats. (बलपूर्वक)
Synonyms: Compelling, Peremptory, Compulsive, Tyrannical, Intimidating
Antonyms: Convincing, Persuasive, Gentle
Example: The president relied on the coercive powers of the military.

4. Spate (noun): A large number of similar things coming in quick succession. (बड़ी संख्या में वस्तुएं, बौछाड़)
Synonyms: Flood, Alluvion, Plenitude, Gush, Series
Antonyms: Trace, Smidgen, Glimmer
Example: The recent spate of attacks on sheep by leopard.

5. Analogue (noun): A person or thing seen as comparable to another. (अनुरूप)
Synonyms: Parallel, Match, Equivalent, Correlative
Antonyms: Difference, Mismatch
Example: The gill of a fish is the analogue of the lung of a cat.

6. Decree (verb): To officially decide or order that something must happen: (आदेश देना, निर्णय करना)
Synonyms: Ordain, Enjoin, Edict, Mandate
Antonyms: Request, Suggest, Petition, Plea
Example: After the earthquake, the government decreed that all new buildings must be built according to the new standards.
Related: Decreed, Decreed

7. Discourse (noun): Written or spoken communication or debate. (संवाद, बातचीत)
Synonyms: Discussion, Conversation, Dialogue, Conference, Debate
Example: Stranded on the deserted island, the castaway longed for discourse with another human being.

8. Gist (adj): The substance or general meaning of a speech or text. (सार, तात्पर्य)
Synonyms: Synopsis, Summary, Crux, Essence, Core, Pith
Antonyms: Exteriority, Surface, Outside, Meaninglessness
Example: Because Ken told his story in a confusing way, I could not get the gist of it.

9. Barbarism (noun): Extreme cruelty or brutality. (बर्बरता, जंगलीपना)
Synonyms: Enormity, Impropriety, Ferocity, Truculence
Antonyms: Benignity, Compassion, Humaneness, Sympathy
Example: We do not ask for the death penalty: barbarism must not be met with barbarism.

10. Parity (noun): The state or condition of being equal, especially as regards status or pay. (बराबरी, समानता)
Synonyms: Par, Sameness, Similitude, Identicalness
Antonyms: Difference, Discrepancy, Disparateness, Distinction, Diversity
Example: Firefighters are demanding pay parity with police.

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