Vocabulary for Defence Exams Day 6

Vocabulary for Defence Exams

Dear Students,
Vocabulary plays an important role in building confidence over English section for Defence exams as Vocabulary is the key player. The Hindu Vocabulary, the most useful Vocabulary words from The Hindu Editorial section. English section in every Defence exam has a few questions based on Vocabulary. Here we provide daily 10 words to build your Vocab Power and help you gain good marks in this section.
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1. Inimical (adj): Tending to obstruct or harm. (हानिकार, विद्वेषपूर्ण)
Synonyms: Detrimental, Deleterious, Pernicious, Calamitous
Antonyms: Advantageous, Favorable, Friendly, Hospitable
Example: As long as the two countries remain inimical, there will never be a treaty between them.

2. Sacrilege (noun): An act of great disrespect shown to God or to sacred ideas, people, or things. (पवित्र वस्तुओं का अनादर)
Synonyms: Desecration, Profanity, Blasphemy, Impiety
Antonyms: Adoration, Glorification, Worship
Example: Spitting on the temple floor would be a great sacrilege.

3. Iron hand (idiom): Stern or rigorous control. (कठोर नियंत्रण)
Synonyms: Oppressive, Stringent, Ruthless, Strict
Antonyms: Humble, Submissive, Meek, Compassionate
Example: Despite the government’s iron hand, street crime is surging.

4. Mayhem (noun): Violent or extreme disorder; chaos. (अफरा-तफरी, खलबली)
Synonyms: Bedlam, Pandemonium, Tumult, Uproar, Turmoil
Antonyms: Peace, Calm, Harmony, Order
Example: Mayhem filled the arena as shots rang out and people tried to escape from all exits.

5. Defilement (noun): Process of making unclean and impure. (दूषित करना, मैला करना)
Synonyms: Contamination, Befoulment, Debasement, Adulteration
Antonyms: Purification, Consecration, Sanctification, Immaculate
Example: The heinous defilement of their most sacred site.

6. Abhorrent (adj): Causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred. (घिनौना, घृणित)
Synonyms: Detestable, Loathsome, Obnoxious, Repugnant
Antonyms: Admirable, Palatable, Appreciative, Pleasant
Example: As I looked around the filthy apartment, I had to wonder who could live in such abhorrent conditions.

7. Punitive (adj): Inflicting, involving, or aiming at punishment. (दंडात्मक)
Synonyms: Disciplinary, Castigatory, Penalising, Retaliatory
Antonyms: Rewarding, Exculpating, Exonerating, Vindicating
Example: Any misbehavior was immediately met with a punitive response

8. Uphold (verb): Confirm or support (something which has been questioned). (कायम रखना, समर्थन करना)
Synonyms: Sustain, Support, Endorse, Advocate, Espouse
Antonyms: Abandon, Oppose, Deny, Contradict
Example: The Court of Appeals upheld his conviction.
Related: Upheld, Upheld

9. Offend (verb): Commit an illegal act, cause to feel upset, annoyed, or resentful. (अपराध करना, अपमान करना)
Synonyms: Infringe, Transgress, Scandalise, Affront, Disrespect,
Antonyms: Delight, Flatter, Please, Obey
Example: Since this is the first time you’ve offended, we’ll let you off with a fine.
Related: Offended, Offended

10. Leniency (noun): Kind, gentle, or compassionate treatment especially towards someone who is undeserving of it. (उदारता, ढिलाई)
Synonyms: Clemency, Lenity, Mercy, Forbearance
Antonyms: Cruelty, Atrocity, Viciousness, Vengeance
Example: Since he had no history of priors, the thief begged the judge for some leniency.

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